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8 trends to increase your online sales in 2023 🚀

By Camila Rodriguez

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how to implement this strategy in e-commerce, but not all companies managed to do it. What is intelligent management of stocks and sales channels? How can this exponentially boost business growth?
I think it is important to start by defining Omnichannel. It is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the consumer.

in pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where the customer is in contact with the brand or where the stock is. ANDn this sense, what benefits can its implementation generate?

If it ever happened to you that you lost a sale because you did not have the size/color in your e-commerce stock, but you had it in a physical store; or that you have had products that rotated better in one store than in another, leaving stock unsold; or that you have sent merchandise from the stores to the distribution centers for special events, and then you have returned it, spending on freight... all that has a solution.
Omnichannel strategies allow you to view all your brand's stocks, both in the warehouse or in a physical store, making them available for sale in eCommerce and InStore. In this way, the options of products, sizes, colors, etc. are increased, and by automating the processes in a platform, efficiency and time savings are achieved. Which leads to an increase in the Conversion Rate, one of the most important indicators of the business.
It is possible to carry out a Pick-up in Store in real time, increasing the response speed, providing cheap and fast logistics alternatives, and above all improving customer service.
Dispatch diversification helps rotate warehouse and store inventory. Avoiding having stock...


It is important to analyze the functionality of each element and not keep things just because they are beautiful or fill spaces. Your store should be easy for anyone to use. The ease of use of an interface and its contents determines whether or not people will be able to perform actions efficiently.


Arouse interest:

The Image, identity and other designs that you apply to your website must be designed to evoke emotions and make it attractive and friendly to your visitors.


100% Accessible and locatable:

It refers to the possibility that it can be used without problems by the greatest number of people possible, regardless of the limitations of the individual or those derived from the context of use.

Conveys credibility:

Your Users must believe and trust what you want to communicate. When a user's trust is lost, you will most likely lose it forever.


Offers valuable experience:

Our website must offer added value to our users. We must contribute to the main objective which is to improve user satisfaction.


SoHow do we determine if your store is user friendly?

Usability has two dimensions from which we measure it, theobjective or inherent dimension, and thesubjective or apparent dimension.


The objective dimensions are measuredby observing:


Ease of learning

Is it easy for users to carry out basic tasks the first time they encounter the interface?


Once users have learned how the interface works, how long do they take to make their purchases?


While making a purchase, are mistakes made? are they serious? Can the user get rid of it easily?

quality of being remembered

After a long time without visiting our site, can users return to using it efficiently quickly?


While the subjective dimensionsare based on user perception:


degree of satisfaction

How pleasant and easy did the user find browsing on our site? Often, we confuse the visual appeal of an e-commerce as the aesthetic principles, it makes the user perceive it as easier to use, even when it is not.


interaction design

Interaction design should present all the information a user needs to create a goodconceptual model of the system, allowing for understanding and a sense of control.

Themental models, are the images in the mind of a user. They inform your expectation of a certain interaction and how something works in the real world.

While the design and aesthetics must be oriented to the people you want to attract to your brand, defining the behaviors of the interactive systems always designed to improve the experience of your site.


In short, it is logically impossible to create a one hundred percent perfect website or app. Millions of users cannot be liked at the same time. However, designers should try to display all elements in a clear and concise manner, minimizing the number of clicks, touches, and scrolls. The important thing in this case is that the user does not allow himself to be dominated by the site, that is, that he himself takes control of the navigation through simple learning.



in pow. Our clients have personalized UX/UI design consultancies focused on providing a unique user experience, without losing sales in the attempt.

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