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8 trends to increase your online sales in 2023 🚀

By Camila Rodriguez

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how to implement this strategy in e-commerce, but not all companies managed to do it. What is intelligent management of stocks and sales channels? How can this exponentially boost business growth?
I think it is important to start by defining Omnichannel. It is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the consumer.

in pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where the customer is in contact with the brand or where the stock is. ANDn this sense, what benefits can its implementation generate?

If it ever happened to you that you lost a sale because you did not have the size/color in your e-commerce stock, but you had it in a physical store; or that you have had products that rotated better in one store than in another, leaving stock unsold; or that you have sent merchandise from the stores to the distribution centers for special events, and then you have returned it, spending on freight... all that has a solution.
Omnichannel strategies allow you to view all your brand's stocks, both in the warehouse or in a physical store, making them available for sale in eCommerce and InStore. In this way, the options of products, sizes, colors, etc. are increased, and by automating the processes in a platform, efficiency and time savings are achieved. Which leads to an increase in the Conversion Rate, one of the most important indicators of the business.
It is possible to carry out a Pick-up in Store in real time, increasing the response speed, providing cheap and fast logistics alternatives, and above all improving customer service.
Dispatch diversification helps rotate warehouse and store inventory. Avoiding having stock...


Monthly objectives agreed with our clients

In the digital world we can measure everything, with almost absolute precision. However, the strategy to differentiate is found in understanding and analyzing them as a whole, and then taking them as insights to base our decisions.

Understanding the variations of each item in the market, we start from a history to measure these variations and then apply them to the current month and thus obtain an estimate for the coming month.

Taking into account other variables such as commercial actions, we try to understand the correlates of the same and thus further adjust the projection. In statistics, it is what we call trend curves and knowing it helps us to estimate through a set of observations.

In this way, we align both internal and external actions and thus meet the expectations of our clients by drawing an achievable objective based on data, definition of the marketing investment to be made to achieve them, and the possibility of detecting gaps in the main indicators of an ecommerce such as site traffic, conversion rate, billing and average ticket, among others.

Our strategy emphasizes the understanding and analysis of metrics to generate insights, basing decision-making on accurate data.

Development of management panels

- Ecommerce Panel 

We have a personalized panel created in Datastudio (now Looker Studio) with integrations to our Hermés platform, information from VTEX, Google Analytics and pre-defined objectives with clients, which allows daily monitoring of sales, detecting opportunities and benchmarking. among all our clients. Making this resource the main work tool for our entire Ecommerce team. 

- Digital Marketing Panel

In addition to integrating the sales of the platforms we work with, information is integrated and extracted from Digital Marketing platforms such as Facebook Ads, Google Ads and Bluemarketing, as well as from Google Analytics. In this new panel, we obtain information on the performance of the campaigns that we plan and execute from our Digital Marketing team through indicators such as ROAS (return on advertising investment), CPC (Cost per click) and % investment on billing that we obtain throughout all the months.

-NPS panel

Another of the panels that we develop from the BI area is a Panel that provides information on our satisfaction survey. Thus, after surveying our customers on a quarterly basis about their level of satisfaction with Pow, the entire company is aware of the results obtained, achieving the commitment of all to be able to improve and offer a better service through a plan of concrete action.

- Automated monthly report

All our clients receive a monthly presentation with the main performance indicators of their site, which come from the platform used (VTEX/Hermés), from Google Analytics and compare with previous periods and even with the objective agreed with the client. This report serves as a kickoff to talk with our customers and define points of improvement and action for the coming months.

It has sections that delve into the performance of the site, opening the performance of the site's products, the shipping methods used or even the payment methods preferred by users. 

-A/B Testing

How to define a change on the site if it was not previously tested and it was proven that it improves conversion or sales on the site? An A/B testing is a specific method to be able to experiment and test a variation of the site with respect to its original version.

From the BI team, we plan and execute A/B experiments through Google Optimize (without the need to incur in IT developments) on our clients' sites, to determine and propose changes to them that improve performance, without resorting to to popular belief.

A color change? New facilitators? A change in the CTA (Call to Action)? We tested it previously and we made sure that the change will be beneficial. 

In addition, we work together with all areas of our team to prepare specific reports (closure of massive events, for example), generation of work insights and preparation of new reports and studies that our clients will receive soon._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

In summary, for us the accompaniment and the constant generation of opportunities is one of the main objectives. If you want to know how we can collaborate with your brand, do not hesitate to contact contact us.

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