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8 trends to increase your online sales in 2023 🚀

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By Camila Rodriguez

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how to implement this strategy in e-commerce, but not all companies managed to do it. What is intelligent management of stocks and sales channels? How can this exponentially boost business growth?
I think it is important to start by defining Omnichannel. It is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the consumer.

in pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where the customer is in contact with the brand or where the stock is. ANDn this sense, what benefits can its implementation generate?

If it ever happened to you that you lost a sale because you did not have the size/color in your e-commerce stock, but you had it in a physical store; or that you have had products that rotated better in one store than in another, leaving stock unsold; or that you have sent merchandise from the stores to the distribution centers for special events, and then you have returned it, spending on freight... all that has a solution.
Omnichannel strategies allow you to view all your brand's stocks, both in the warehouse or in a physical store, making them available for sale in eCommerce and InStore. In this way, the options of products, sizes, colors, etc. are increased, and by automating the processes in a platform, efficiency and time savings are achieved. Which leads to an increase in the Conversion Rate, one of the most important indicators of the business.
It is possible to carry out a Pick-up in Store in real time, increasing the response speed, providing cheap and fast logistics alternatives, and above all improving customer service.
Dispatch diversification helps rotate warehouse and store inventory. Avoiding having stock...

Navigation menu:

Very important! Each brand has its own layout and our users already know the categories and subcategories it has and it is important to follow a logic when incorporating not only categories on the menu, but also subcategories within them.

peLet us assume that the user who clicks on the menu has a more than clear purchase intention because they are not satisfied with browsing the homepage or do not want to navigate it completely, but want to see what products we have to offer in a certain category.

In commercial events, it will never hurt to incorporate a category to the main menu that contains the products participating in the action ordered according to discount, stock, priority or other criteria.

If the assortment is large, we could even create subcategories within the promotion so that the user can find their products of interest faster.

Explode prom bannersoptional:

Banners are images on the store's home page that can contain text and must have a CTA (call to action).

But its importance lies not only in what we are communicating, but also in the fact that it is the first scroll that the client makes, whether it is a swipe to see other banners or a vertical scroll to continue browsing the Home.

That is why we should not miss the opportunity to tell about our strongest actions, even if they are not promotional benefits and it is a launch or some branding communication that we are carrying out as a brand.

Do you have information to tell? Use the Footer!

In the footer you enter the contact information, newsletter, frequently asked questions, privacy policies and all the extra information that gives clarity and seriousness to your business. 

This information will be available so that the user can clarify their doubts before buying and ensure that their pre, during and post-sale experience is being protected and supported by the information that we provide..

We hope you can put these tips to use to improve your own website! but if you don't know where to start, write to us and we can surely help you.

Contact us for more information!

3. Definition of a simple structure 

Users highly value the time they have. Therefore, when they access your website, what they want is to find the information they are looking for in just a few seconds. 

Use pre-headers:

This type of content is a great ally when it comes to communicating in a first view what active benefits the brand has and to capture the attention of the consumer, such as: 12 installments without interest or free shipping throughout the country.



Within the navigation menu users must be able to perform quick actions.

The search engine, the favorites section, Log in or the shopping cart must always be visible and be clear icons, avoiding explanatory texts: at first glance, you must understand what the icon represents.


Although its modification cannot be modified immediately, but requires design and development, it is important to bear in mind that this point is of great relevance in the day-to-day life of the site.

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