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8 trends to increase your online sales in 2023 🚀

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By Camila Rodriguez

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how to implement this strategy in e-commerce, but not all companies managed to do it. What is intelligent management of stocks and sales channels? How can this exponentially boost business growth?
I think it is important to start by defining Omnichannel. It is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the consumer.

in pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where the customer is in contact with the brand or where the stock is. ANDn this sense, what benefits can its implementation generate?

If it ever happened to you that you lost a sale because you did not have the size/color in your e-commerce stock, but you had it in a physical store; or that you have had products that rotated better in one store than in another, leaving stock unsold; or that you have sent merchandise from the stores to the distribution centers for special events, and then you have returned it, spending on freight... all that has a solution.
Omnichannel strategies allow you to view all your brand's stocks, both in the warehouse or in a physical store, making them available for sale in eCommerce and InStore. In this way, the options of products, sizes, colors, etc. are increased, and by automating the processes in a platform, efficiency and time savings are achieved. Which leads to an increase in the Conversion Rate, one of the most important indicators of the business.
It is possible to carry out a Pick-up in Store in real time, increasing the response speed, providing cheap and fast logistics alternatives, and above all improving customer service.
Dispatch diversification helps rotate warehouse and store inventory. Avoiding having stock...

Starting in 2020, there have been significant changes accelerating and fueling a new era of retail innovation.  60% of online shoppers made their first purchase online after launch of the pandemic, and others, who were already buying online, reinforced their confidence in e-commerce and increased their purchase frequency, so that it showed a growth of 30% compared to online sales in 2019.

Part of this momentum was maintained in 2021, despite the fact that mobility restrictions were progressively lifted and part of the transactions returned from the digital channel to the traditional one, for which reason online sales grew 39% in 2021 compared to sales in 2020, thanks, among other things, to the reactivation of certain activities such as tourism and entertainment.

During 2022, despite the high annual inflation rate that has occurred throughout the year in Latin America, ecommerce sales grew by more than 40% during the first three quarters of 2022. With expectations about Christmas sales, it is expects the industry to close the year with a growth in online sales of 34% compared to 2021.

Globally, there are expectations that by 2023 e-commerce will reach 21.5%total retail sales. This evolution is being strongly promoted in Latin America, which was the region withfurther growth in 2021.

Although, according to the studyEbanx, “Beyond Borders 2022”, there is another expectation that electronic commerce in Latin America will grow 30% each year until 2025.

These trends translate andn new priorities for brands that seek to live up to the expectations of shoppers with high face-to-face activity in the digital channel, among them,increase your conversions online.

The evolution of retail trade in figures


The perspective ofbuyers

69% of consumers expect there to be no barriers between the shopping experience in the physical store and online, preferring to combine their purchases between both sales channels.

68% of shoppers want to be self-sufficient when shopping and are increasingly using their smartphones to:

CCCE Source

Slow or unproductive internal processes

Inventory problems, long delays in the return process and product changes, and the measurement of perceptions of advanced technology in the retail sector are increasing the demands of employees as new tools that will help improve the productive circuit.

CCCE Source

Evaluation of executives in charge of decision making

The rise of e-commerce is driving more interest in new warehouse and operations solutions.


CCCE Source

Future investment priorities:

8 out of 10 executives plan to increase investment in IT, omnichannel operations and store staffing in the next year.

the omnican purchaseal has played an impressive role in the Hot Sale, since 92% of buyers purchased a product or service during the campaign combining the physical channel and the digital channel.

What will the consumer of tomorrow be like? 

According to the comparison of analyzes carried out by AMVO, CACE and CCCE, the current consumer is an expert and in the coming years will develop more skills:  


  • You will be more trained in the products you want to buy 

  • You will need less assistance fromsellers  

  • You will have consumption availability on all smart devices

  • The experience will be more automated 


What will be the challenges?


  • Get better customer service.

  • Be faster in each of the sales instances.

  • Better integrate each sales channel consolidating omnichannel.

  • Generate a more exhaustive control in the delivery process, minimizing errors and waiting times.

  • Strengthen the "self-management" of processes by the client. 

  • Exceed expectations in delivery times.

  • Include new forms of company/client relationship

  • Comprehensively improve the returns system.


Although next year will have more challenges than the previous one, being prepared is a great tool that will make you stand out from the competition. 



in pow. We accompany our clients in their eCommerce growth through new products and services such as Growth Strategy, optimizing the processes of each brand to achieve the desired goals in conversions and sales throughout the year.

If you want to know how we do it, Do not hesitate to contact us!

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