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8 trends to increase your online sales in 2023 🚀

Por qué la omnicanalidad aumenta la competitividad de tu negocio.jpg

By Camila Rodriguez

Nowadays there is a lot of talk about how to implement this strategy in e-commerce, but not all companies managed to do it. What is intelligent management of stocks and sales channels? How can this exponentially boost business growth?
I think it is important to start by defining Omnichannel. It is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory experience for the consumer.

in pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where the customer is in contact with the brand or where the stock is. ANDn this sense, what benefits can its implementation generate?

If it ever happened to you that you lost a sale because you did not have the size/color in your e-commerce stock, but you had it in a physical store; or that you have had products that rotated better in one store than in another, leaving stock unsold; or that you have sent merchandise from the stores to the distribution centers for special events, and then you have returned it, spending on freight... all that has a solution.
Omnichannel strategies allow you to view all your brand's stocks, both in the warehouse or in a physical store, making them available for sale in eCommerce and InStore. In this way, the options of products, sizes, colors, etc. are increased, and by automating the processes in a platform, efficiency and time savings are achieved. Which leads to an increase in the Conversion Rate, one of the most important indicators of the business.
It is possible to carry out a Pick-up in Store in real time, increasing the response speed, providing cheap and fast logistics alternatives, and above all improving customer service.
Dispatch diversification helps rotate warehouse and store inventory. Avoiding having stock...

During this process, it is common for the customer to research what they want online and only go to the POS (point of sale) to close the purchase. 

Consumers have more demands

The client expects to have more speed, practicality, security and comfort in their purchases. For this reason, the rSearch results must be increasingly accurate, the experience on the pages must be personalized and your brand must be identified by the customer as soon as they enter the physical store or in e-commerce._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_

With tools such as SEO Search Engine Optimization, you will be able to carry out a series of actions to optimize content and web pages, with the clear objective of improving the position in search engines, carry out an exhaustive analysis of your brand and products to detect all the keywords that generate traffic to our online store.

Positioning your e-commerce in the top positions will increase your visibility, consequently increasing the probability of getting more sales.

How could you increase the competitiveness of your business by applying omnichannel?

Offer more sales opportunities 

Providing a unified purchase process, which integrates the physical with the digital, is a way to boost communication with the customer and speed up the purchase process.  

Omnichannel customers spend, on average, a4% more in their visits to the physical store and 10% more in the digital than consumers who use only one sales channel.


If people have already visited your site, you can set up remarketing campaigns on platforms likeGoogle and Facebook ads that show your target audience while browsing the internet, the same products they were looking for before. And the conversion will be just 1 click away!

Put the customer at the center of the relationship

In this case, the marketing campaigns are prepared according to the objectives set by the commercial team. Omnichannel retail contacts the consumer in more opportunities and purchase missions. For this, to better understand the habits and behaviors of the client, provides the best answers.


  • How do they feel when they interact with your store?

  • Is it easy for them to find what they are looking for?

  • Is your experience successful or frustrating?

  • Did they meet their goal?


Improve stock management


Although we understand that omnichannel is a communication strategy aimed at improving the customer experience and service, designed to offer multiple service channels connected to each other, guaranteeing a satisfactory consumer experience, En Pow. We believe that it is the possibility of making a sale regardless of where it is fromcustomer contact with the brandnor where is the stock.


When a brand has non-integrated physical stores and digital channels, it may have a product in the e-commerce stock, inaccessible to the customer who goes to the POS. Or, conversely, having the product in stock at a store close to the customer, but having to wait for the product to be brought from a distant Distribution Center.


Omnichannel applied throughout the process is a much smarter way to manage stocks. The vision becomes unique and the products are available to customers on any channel. The stock in physical stores also covers digital sales, speeding up deliveries and reducing logistics costs. 


At the same time, if the customer cannot find the product in the physical store, the item can be sent to the store from another POS, or delivered directly to it. The sale is not lost, the customer is satisfied and the possibility of keeping brand loyalty increases.


Today we are encouraged to say that omnichannel is a path that every brand must travel, and have in their short-term plans.

in pow. We carry out its implementation within the Vtex and Hermés platforms. That is why we invite you to contact our team to learn more about what we do and how we can help your business grow even more._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_contact link

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