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Link-up is a SaaS product developed by Pow. that allows you to integrate your Vtex Platform with the ERP you use, allowing greater efficiency and saving resources. It works as a middleware between both systems, unifying the programming language allowing the transfer of information.



Conventional eCommerce platforms are often built separate from ERP, causing a gap between the two systems.As your operations grow, you'll need to automate manual processes that take time and can lead to errors.

Synchronize information between the two systems


Automates stock and pricing processes

Save resources and time

Integración con otras plataformas

Opción fácil de cierre o pausa de tienda

Herramientas para mejor el SEO incorporadas

Mobile responsive

Products available

It is the Exchanges and Returns module developed in-house that in 1 minute and in an automated way, solves hours of processing.You are manual where the risk for the operation is very great.

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