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Creating extraordinary products for the comfort of your home inspires us.



E-commerce Growth Strategy, RMA, Dashboard & Omnichannel.



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March 2018

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What we did?

Bazhars entrusted us with various points to resolve on his website.

We had the opportunity to redesign the site, considering all the instances of communication with the user that are necessary when purchasing a product that requires a more planned decision due to its sale price.


We add reviews, sliders, animated banners and clearly and specifically visualize the promotional benefits of the brand so that the client knows what the current benefits are.

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Product cart

In the product file we add tools that allow us to expedite the user's purchase decision by offering them different types of proposals depending on the product: rugs, floors, accessories.


Since we understood that the user requires additional information to be able to make the purchase with the least possible advice.


For floors, we add a box calculator, for carpets the measure selector and for accessories a box that calculates square meters.

This made it possible to make each of the tokens unique based on the product.

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Integrations & Marketplaces

Bazhars had an already established position within Mercado Libre, which is why together with Vtex we worked on its native integration with MeLi and trained them so that they can manage it.


On the other hand, the brand needed to be able to integrate its Vtex store with its own ERP that would report stock, prices & billing, and would receive the orders generated on the platform.

From there arose the need to add Link-up.

Los números luego de la migración a VTEX IO

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