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For most, omnichannel is something to aspire to.  For us, it's already a reality.

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E-commerce Growth Strategy, RMA, Dashboard & Omnichannel.

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What we did?

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Cheeky gave us a big challenge. Integrate with your systems and automate processes to deal with the high volume of brand transactions.

The first achievement occurred when we integrated the stock and prices of the online store in real time, with its operating system to be able to control everything from the same place.

In a second stage, as part of the Omnichannel project, local stocks were also integrated, allowing web clients to have a much broader range of products. Changing the communication method, migrating from FTP to 100% communication via API.

What were the results of Omnichannel?

de incremento en la facturación del canal online

de incremento en la cantidad de artículos vendidos

de incremento en la cantidad 
de pedidos realizados

bocas de despacho activas.

Etapa inicial : 5 locales

locales adicionales capacitados y listos para implementar omnicanilidad

How was the process?

Cheeky's omnichannel strategy evolved through 3 main stages. Early on, we integrated warehouses for high-volume events (dispatch was still focused on one location). We then created subdomains so that each store, even franchises, could have their own online store. We are now at stage 3, where everything is displayed online, regardless of its location. Basically, if it exists, it can be bought.
And, of course, stores can also sell, through the in-store module.

How does it work?

Each store has its own access to the OMS, where only the orders they have to process are shown. Whether it's a dispatch order or a store pickup, they simply pack it, confirm it, and wait for the courier/customer to pick it up. Everything is activated automatically to avoid errors and facilitate the customer experience.

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