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Hermés is our highly flexible platform that is easy to integrate with ERP, Marketplaces, and logistics providers, as well as with different channels such as Webstores, InStore, Kiosks, and Contact Centers.

100% Omnichannel

The platform allows stores and warehouses to be incorporated as delivery and collection points, as well as turning them into InStore points of sale.

Automated Processes

Optimize operating times and improve performance, which translates into better results for the business. It allows us to focus on business strategy and customer service.

100% custom design

Our platform allows us to develop a specific design for each client. We do not use templates. It is custom designed.


We have our own API for dedicated integrations.
It integrates with any type of logistics service, payment methods, Gateways, CRM, multiple marketplaces, and ERP (Smart Stock, SAP, Neo Retail, BAS, Lince Indum., Pryment, etc.).




Our customers say:

"Very satisfied with the service that Pow provides us. Our Ecommerce manager always responds.
On the other hand, the training to which we were invited was very good. I think it's the way. I would like some digital marketing so that the analysts of the team can join."
Cheeky - Teaodelina pena bunge
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